Losing Youth

by Sunning

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Sunning is:
Harrison Leggio - Bass
Paul Gregory - Guitar / Vocals
Sam Rodriguez - Vocals
Kevin Sangalang - Drums
Tyler Chau - Guitar / Vocals

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released November 12, 2013

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording in Haverhill, MA.

Additional vocals on Haunts by Jay Maas.

Additional vocals on Intro & Losing Youth by Mike Lambert.

Artwork by John Garrett Slaby.

All songs written by Sunning.



all rights reserved



We're a band from Long Island, NY.

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Track Name: Intro
I am moving on, to the next chapter of the story I've been reading all wrong. As the pressure keeps on building, I begin reflecting on every single past decision.

I don't know what to expect anymore. Everything keeps changing, the same things keep on troubling me. I wish I knew the answers to all of the problems that I'll ever be up against.

I don't know what to expect anymore.
Track Name: Skin & Bones
I've been searching for some answers. You used to help me, but now I'm on my own. And I've been wondering, if you were lying when you told me, that things would be okay. Because I can't recognize myself, inside or out. I'm losing balance. And you will never know what's inside my head. My thoughts are getting the best of me.

And now my thoughts are taking over.

If explanations don't reside here, then why do I keep on pretending to know everything around me? Since I am clueless of what my outcome is. I don't want to be afraid anymore.

And now my thoughts are taking over.

And I know it's been a while, but I still have much to learn. You started something beautiful, but I just let it burn. And I know it's been some time now, but recently I've been such a mess. Some days I feel as if I have a purpose. Some days I think that I'd be better off dead.

And I can't explain why I feel so lost. I keep moving forward, so I believe I will find my way. Although I'm confident in myself, at times my mind is a plague. All I know is I am human, & this is all I will ever be.

Is this all I will ever be? Skin & bones, a few opinions, I need to know if this is all I'll be.
Track Name: Haunts
I can see you're not the person that you used to be. And I'm left with nothing, but to accept the person you've become. A shadow of your former self, living in your own world. You take everything you can get, and never give back in return.

Are you really happy with the person you've become?

When was the last time that you looked me in the eye, and told me that things would be alright? It's just the fact that you went and became everything that you once said you would always hate.

This season scares you to death, and you know it's from those voices in your head. Those devils that keep repeating, and never leaving.

And no one really notices, but I can hear you screaming out for help. Everything left unspoken, and now you're broken, and no one noticing.

I watched the tide come in, and carry you away. By the light, from that gleaming moon, you were the one who carried me. And even though I tried, it was the best that I could do. And even though I tried, it was...

It was the most that I could do, to save what's left of this sinking ship. I see your face and your voice, still inside my head. Eyes wide like, eyes wide like the coast I found you on that day they found me buried in the sand.

I kept telling you, that you'd be okay, but you never listened to me.

But you'll be okay.
(I kept telling you.)
Track Name: Entropy
You were blue in the face, motionless on the ground. And I was trying not to notice, but I couldn't help myself. And I frantically tried, to place my air into your lungs. But it was all for nothing, you were already gone. And the ambulance came a little just past five. It was just early enough, to see the sun rise. And I watched you pull away. But no, that could never stop me. It didn't stop me.

I can't keep living my life this way. These bad habits of mine will lead me to an early grave. I can't find my own direction. I'm tired of living my life through these half open eyes.

Fast forward to five months, November cold. Again with nowhere left to go. My body starts to relapse. And I keep blaming you, for all I shouldn't have. When all I have to blame, is myself. And I swear that I tried to stay on the ground, but it kept pulling me back up. With these rails and razorblades, my heart beating out my chest. I wished it would explode.

I can't keep living my life this way. These bad habits of mine will lead me to an early grave. I can't find my own direction. I'm tired of living my life through these half open eyes.
Track Name: Losing Youth

Is this all we get from life? Become skeletons and die.

And in the end, do we repent for all our sins? Or just remain, six feet under dirt, recycled trash for the earth? Is it even worth it, knowing everything will eventually fade to black? That we're destined to become parts of other people's pasts?

These years pass right by me, I have nothing to say. The clock is just a constant reminder, of the seconds ticking away.

And I'm still burning out my father's flame, and counting days. Until I find that wisdom lost inside that summer haze. And I'm just scared that my present will not escape my past. The future's getting closer, but the view is blurred behind the glass. And I'm content with life, but so discontent at the same time. I wonder why it doesn't bother me to think of death. To know that there's a way out, when it seems as if there's nothing left.

We are the same, holding each other's promises to an empty grave. And I end up in the same place. You wonder why I can't change the way I think inside my mind. I swear I've tried.

We both know this isn't the way, that this should be. I can't escape this feeling.