4​-​Way Split / GOING IN

by Sunning

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On this record, Sunning is:

Drums - Aaron Masih
Guitar, vocals - Tyler Chau
Guitar, vocals - Paul Gregory
Vocals - Jonathan Arocho
Bass - Harrison Leggio


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released April 20, 2014

Track 1 engineered by Jonathan Mackey
Track 5 engineered by Jonathan Mackey & Felix Chmiel.
Tracks 1 & 5 mixed by Jonathan Mackey.
Track 6 engineered & mixed by Felix Chmiel.
Track 6 originally appears courtesy of Saves The Day.
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 engineered by Billy Mannino & Mark Masterson
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 mixed by Billy Mannino at Seal Mountain.
All tracks mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Cover design & photography by Tyler Chau.



all rights reserved



We're a band from Long Island, NY.

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Track Name: Clockwork
I wish I could stop lying to myself
I let you go, & I'm still not doing well
And I still see you in my dreams
What do you really want from me?

And I've been thinking about this for days
I've been locked inside my head, trying to get out this haze
If I could only find the words that I feel
This pain in my chest, is all too real

Free me from my tortured mind, & I'll learn to let you go
I'm tired of digging deeper into this hole

I should have let you go
I should have let you...

Go away for good
(I'll never be the same)
Again, it's all I have
(To keep you out of my head)

You see, there is something that's bothering me
It's how you claim to see right through me

You make me completely miserable
And I don't know why I try so hard
I tried so hard
Track Name: Swiss
I wouldn't even be surprised
If you turned your back again this time
I'm writing to let you know, I'm doing fine
And I'd like to thank you for wasting all my time

I turned my back & you
You walked all over me
I can't believe that I could be so blind

So long, fairweather friend
It was nice to know you, in the end
And I waited so long, to say this

I'm not like you, I'm sorry, I have to go
If we keep up like this, one day we'll both end up alone
And I waited so long, just so I could finally see
That this was all wrong, & it just wasn't meant to be

Don't make me hate you more than I already do

(I hope you're happy with him, while you're thinking of me)